Ideas for Commercial Landscaping in Ashford

When you are planning to design a brand-new garden at your Ashford workplace, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration before work can begin. At All Year Gardens, our team is available to offer advice on a variety of garden concepts, including which soft and hard landscaping materials are best to use, and we carry out professional, hassle-free commercial landscaping projects to completion. This ranges from lawn mowing and planting, to paving and fencing installations. Our services extend to lawn care and grounds maintenance duties, ensuring that your outdoor space is kept in perfect condition throughout the year.

Top Tips for Commercial Landscaping Projects

Setting Up a Plan

Firstly, we recommend that Ashford clients factor in the following points to their commercial landscaping project:

  • Budget – Confirm the maximum amount you can spend on construction, supplies, lawn care and grounds maintenance
  • Space – Measure the outdoor area to provide contractors with accurate dimensions, including its location to the main building and if it’s a ground level or a rooftop garden
  • Soft and Hard Landscaping Materials – Decide how the garden will be renovated, including new plants, trees or lawn turf, as well as fencing, paving or wall installations

Choose a Welcoming Design

Commercial landscaping is an ideal way to welcome people to your Ashford property, which may include corporate clients and stakeholders who are visiting your offices, or new and loyal customers staying at your resort.

  • Colour – Opt for vibrant flowers or painted fencing to direct people towards the entrance of your property, or to lure visitors into the garden
  • Cleanliness – Plant and lawn care, such as hedge cutting and lawn mowing, will ensure the garden or outdoor space is neat and tidy
  • Theme – Incorporate a design element which draws people in. This can range from water features to plants and flower arrangements

Beware of Overgrown Ideas

It is easy to get carried away with ambitious commercial landscaping designs, however they need to be practical and easily maintained. The experts at All Year Gardens will undertake regular lawn care and grounds maintenance duties, such as pruning shrubs and lawn mowing, which can be made available for same-day services at properties in Ashford and the local area.

  • Health and Safety – Remember to keep pathways, exits and signage clear from debris or overgrown plants
  • Low Maintenance – Consider soft and hard commercial landscaping materials which require less upkeep, such as evergreen plants and PVC or aluminium fencing
  • Reliable Upkeep – Choose a company, such as All Year Gardens in Ashford, to provide lawn care, from lawn mowing to seasonal fertiliser treatments, in addition to grounds maintenance which involves planting evergreen and deciduous plants, returfing lawns and diagnosing tree hazards

Use of Colour and Material

Renovating your Ashford garden or outdoor space will leave an impact on both visitors and staff. Commercial landscaping designs can be utilised to reflect a company’s brand, projecting an environmentally-friendly image.

  • Flowers and Plants – Use a range of colours and different species of plants to brighten up the garden, making it a desirable place to relax in
  • Fencing – Include fencing structures for aesthetic and security purposes. Wood or PVC panels can be painted to complement the theme of your Ashford garden
  • Sustainable Materials – Consider recyclable materials for hard commercial landscaping, such as block paving, garden walls, fencing and bedding for plants

If you need commercial landscaping and grounds maintenance services for your garden in Ashford or the surrounding area of Kent, call 0800 313 4212.