Professional Fencing in Ashford, Maidstone, Kent and Medway

If you need contractors for high-quality fencing at your commercial property in Ashford, Maidstone, Kent or Medway, the team at All Year Gardens is here to carry out first-class installations on your behalf. We erect a range of fencing structures to secure gardens and outdoor spaces as part of our commercial landscaping service, which is ideal for long-term lawn care and grounds maintenance to keep garden pests out. Fencing work is also versatile as it can be incorporated into your design concept.

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Why Do You Need Fencing?

Our company recommends that commercial clients who are redesigning their garden in Ashford, Maidstone, Kent and Medway should include brand-new fencing ideas in their project. The condition of existing fences should be checked as they may need to be replaced with stronger materials. Fencing is usually made from wood, PVC, aluminium or steel, which show signs of wear if they are exposed to weather damage over long periods of time. This can include sagging, broken panels or deteriorating surfaces.

One of the key features that helps clients with lawn care and grounds maintenance is to have a robust fencing structure in place. Security will be improved against local pests and wildlife for better lawn care, in addition to protecting your garden against trespassers.

Types of Garden Fencing


This is a popular choice for Ashford, Maidstone, Kent and Medway properties that may require planning permission or listed building regulations to be met. The natural aesthetic is ideal for focal points of commercial landscaping design schemes and to section off private areas of the garden. Panels can be painted and varnished to enhance their appearance, and repairs are easily carried out by grounds maintenance services.


PVC or vinyl fencing doesn’t require lot of grounds maintenance. Shorter, picket style fences erected around water features or ponds act as safety barriers and it is an attractive alternative to wood. PVC fencing is an ideal deterrent at retail parks or public areas in Ashford, Maidstone, Kent and Medway, to stop people from walking on the grass and maintain pristine lawn care. PVC doesn’t splinter like wood, which makes it child-friendly too.


Commercial landscaping projects typically use aluminium fencing due to its resistance against corrosive elements and because it is recyclable. Aluminium fencing is ideal for the main boundary of your Ashford, Maidstone, Kent or Medway garden and can be used for temporary fencing work if needed.


Stronger, durable fencing is often made from steel frames. Steel withstands extreme weather damage and doesn’t decay, which reduces the likelihood of clients in needing grounds maintenance or replacements parts. Steel is also a higher-end, premium fencing option for commercial landscaping projects in Ashford, Maidstone, Kent and Medway.

Benefits of Commercial Fencing

  • Boosts security at company offices or headquarters
  • Increases safety for the public at retail and leisure parks
  • Clearly defines the boundaries of any property or garden
  • Reduces visual and noise pollution from neighbouring premises
  • Provides clients with private, break-out areas to relax
  • Enhances the property’s exterior with a range of materials to choose from
  • Fencing can be part of a commercial landscaping design concept
  • Helps maintain lawn care treatments by limiting access to unwanted wildlife
  • Covers up sites in Ashford, Maidstone, Kent and Medway which are temporarily under construction
  • Recyclable materials are durable and require less grounds maintenance

For commercial clients requiring professional fencing installations at properties in Ashford, Maidstone, Kent and Medway, call 0800 313 4212.