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Meat, Vegan & Vegetarian Street Food in Horsham | Health Benefits


The foodies of Britain have a long-held affection for Indian cuisine. From the sumptuous aromas to the diverse flavours, Indian food holds special status as a go-to option when people want the very best. Here at Jah Jyot Punjabi, our Indian street food not only comes with a punch of flavour, it also holds certain health benefits shared by the culinary delights of the Punjab region as a whole. There are the more obvious reasons behind nutrient rich vegetarian street food and vegan street food options, but other benefits may not be as widely known. Whether you’re thinking of visiting us as your festival or event catering option, or you require a corporate catering service to impress prospective clients at a venue in Horsham, we combine delicious dishes with added health benefits.


Below, we have taken a closer look at some of the advantages that come with eating our meat, vegetarian and vegan street food.

Indian Street Food | Health Benefits


1. Yoghurt

Numerous options on our menu include yoghurt as a key ingredient, particularly raita. Yoghurt helps to ensure digestive health through beneficial microbes. The yeasts and bacteria in yoghurt play a vital role in limiting the number of harmful microbes in the gastrointestinal tract, or ‘the gut’. With the ideal balance between these good and bad microbes, digestive systems work to their most efficient levels.


For those Horsham customers with a keen interest, the best option for probiotic value remains non-pasteurised yoghurt.


2. Turmeric

This key ingredient of numerous vegan and vegetarian street food options, not to mention curry dishes, has witnessed a huge surge in popularity as its health benefits become common knowledge. Turmeric itself contains an impressive compound by the name of curcumin. This particular compound has demonstrated an ability to aid in overall weight loss. One specific research trial highlighted curcumin’s effect on waistline reduction, improved hip circumference, a reduction of body fat and improved BMI for the subjects involved.


Any Indian street food option containing turmeric offers event catering and corporate catering services in Horsham an additional healthy boost.


3. Lentils

As a key ingredient in our Indian street food, as well as Indian cuisine as a whole, lentils have multiple health benefits. Firstly, they have a low glycaemic index rating which means they play a role in regulating insulin spikes that can go on and create body fat. Traditional dhal dishes, whether made from mung or red lentils, contains an impressive amount of fibre. Such fibre-rich foods promote a feeling of being full up which in itself helps to prevent overeating.


Lentils remain a common ingredient in both our vegan street food and vegetarian street food options. As such, they provide a flavoursome, yet healthy addition to any event catering or corporate catering service.


4. Ginger

When thinking of the most common spices used in Indian street food, our customers in Horsham and beyond usually put forward ginger as a guess. The vegetarian street food and vegan street food options that contain ginger help to boost the immune system and soothe digestion. In addition, ginger has also been used down the years to fight migraines, colds, sea sickness and morning sickness. This nutrient-packed spice includes potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, manganese and an array of antioxidants.


To arrange for your own festival and event catering or complete corporate catering services in the Horsham area, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you’re planning an event in Horsham that needs meat-based, vegan or vegetarian street food, call 07770 588 123.

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Telephone: 07770 588123  |  info@jahjyot.co.uk

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