Lawn Care in Ashford, Maidstone, Kent and Medway

A well-maintained lawn will create a stunning visual impact when it comes to welcoming visitors to your company premises in Ashford, Maidstone, Kent or Medway. The team at All Year Gardens specialise in all areas of commercial landscaping, including immaculate lawn care. This will benefit clients in any sector, from grounds maintenance at hotels and resorts, to corporate headquarters and retail parks.

Lawn care services range from planting flowers, to lawn mowing and returfing gardens. We help clients in Ashford, Maidstone and the surrounding areas of Kent and Medway to overcome issues with bald patches of grass, manage pest control problems and much more!

Common Lawn Problems


There are many weeds that need to be identified and treated, including Silverweed, Ground Ivy and Creeping Thistles to name a few. The grounds maintenance team at All Year Gardens employ weed control techniques for effective lawn care, using chemicals and herbicides in an ethical manner. The methods we use are conducted with health and safety measures in place and they’re ideal for limiting damage to the rest of the lawn.

Pests and Fungus

Biological controls are used to alleviate pest infestations like ants, Chafer grubs and Leatherjacket insects as humanely as possible. If your Ashford, Maidstone, Kent or Medway garden is prone to sprouting fungi, such as mushrooms and Fairy Rings, these can be eradicated by laying high-quality turf, maintained by frequent lawn care. This includes regular lawn mowing, watering, weeding and fertilising.

Sparse or Dry Patches

If your garden in Ashford, Maidstone, Kent or Medway has barren areas of grass, this is often due to compacted soil and thick layers of thatch. Thatch (which is a mixture of living and decomposed leaves and roots) affects the root structure of the grass which stops it from growing as healthily as it should. Lawn care aeration techniques will loosen the soil with special equipment that penetrates the surface of the turf, moving around the soil beneath and leaving holes for breathability. Small, dry, brown patches are typically the result of animal urine. Fencing off the boundaries of the garden will improve your lawn care by keeping animals out.

Lawn Care Treatments


Our commercial landscaping team use professional products to lay nutritional lawns at properties throughout Ashford, Maidstone, Kent and Medway. Firstly, we carry out a survey at your commercial property to inspect the condition of the lawn, which involves taking soil samples to determine the type of turf which will be suitable to install. This process is required to ensure excess water will be drained effectively.

Fertilising and Irrigation

An important part of grounds maintenance is to make sure lawns are fertilised during the changing of the seasons. To promote healthy roots, lush green coloured grass and control pest problems, our commercial landscaping team uses nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium rich treatments for optimal lawn care, boosting the nutritional value of your lawn.

Lawn Mowing

There is a range of equipment best suited to lawn mowing jobs at different sized properties in Ashford, Maidstone, Kent and Medway. Grounds maintenance experts operate rotary mowers, cylindrical mowers and commercial mowers for general purpose and luxury lawn mowing. In addition to lawn mowing, we cut hedges and prune plants or shrubs around the borders of the lawn, keeping the garden tidy and aesthetically pleasing.

What to Expect from Our Services

  • Clients are assured that our grounds maintenance team will leave the garden looking tidy and we manage any garden clearance services for excess, non-hazardous materials, such as topsoil
  • Regular lawn care for lawn mowing, weed and pest control, plus fertilising and irrigating treatments to keep commercial landscaping projects looking pristine
  • Turf installations come with our own company’s 10-year guarantee, in compliance with the Consumer Protection Association (CPA)
  • Commercial landscaping work, including fencing work and block paving, complements and secures gardens in Ashford, Maidstone, Kent and Medway
  • Materials for lawn care treatments are provided by local suppliers at discounted rates, which offers more for our clients’ budget

If you need professional lawn care treatments for commercial gardens in Ashford, Maidstone or the surrounding Kent and Medway area, call 0800 313 4212.