Ideas for Commercial Landscaping in Maidstone

If you have a small, outdoor space at your Maidstone property which is not being used, the team at All Year Gardens will help you to turn it into a welcoming garden, as part of our professional commercial landscaping services. There are plenty of ways to spruce up gardens with limited space, which are ideal for communal, break-out areas to benefit your workforce.

We install fencing and walls, in addition to planting flowers and trees for garden renovations. Our company specialises in expert lawn care and grounds maintenance duties, such as hedge cutting, lawn mowing and lawn fertilisation, to keep your little oasis neat and tidy.

Solutions for Small Garden Projects

Contemporary Designs

The perfect way to maximise the space in your Maidstone garden is to incorporate soft and hard commercial landscaping materials. Fencing, decking and block paving installations will enhance intimate gardens due to their crisp, defined lines. Add paint to fencing, such as white and grey colours, which will tie-in with paving and decorative stones for a cooler palette. A mixture of tall, slender trees and shrubs planted around the boundary will make the garden appear bigger and reflect the symmetrical design.

Serene Seating

Benches and outdoor furniture complement the simplistic, contemporary style with its practical use of space and clean lines. Installing places to sit will boost office morale and encourage your Maidstone workforce to socialise in the garden, promoting professional relationships between staff members in different departments. Fencing around seating areas will also add privacy and limit distractions from noise or visual pollution.

Use of Lighting

Enclosed gardens or outdoors spaces which don’t get a lot of sunlight will benefit from additional lighting options. These can range from lights embedded into flooring, decking, walls and fencing. Water features will reflect the light and create a cool, relaxing atmosphere. Commercial landscaping experts will suggest evergreens and flowers which can cope with limited sunlight, as well as providing regular grounds maintenance to ensure they grow healthily. Light coloured furniture and painted garden walls or fencing will help to brighten your Maidstone garden too.

Focus on Plants

Commercial landscaping with eye-catching plants and flower arrangements will make your garden more inviting to visitors and employees at your Maidstone offices. Flowers with vivid hues are perfect for lawn borders, which are easily maintained by grounds maintenance and lawn care treatments, including replanting and lawn mowing throughout the seasons.

Turfing Out the Space

Lawn mowing overgrown gardens or having brand-new turf installed will renovate dilapidated lawns, ideal for break-out areas during the summer. Smaller patches of grass and turf can be used as focus features, surrounded by a patio or block paving work. Maidstone clients will require lawn care services, such as grass seeding, fertilising and regular lawn mowing, in addition to grounds maintenance duties for general garden clearances. Commercial landscaping companies, such as All Year Gardens, provide lawn care and grounds maintenance solutions as part of a complete installation service.

Benefits of Grounds Maintenance

  • Free estimates and same-day services for clients in Maidstone and the surrounding areas, subject to availability
  • Friendly and reliable commercial landscaping team on hand, with expert advice in all areas of soft and hard landscaping
  • Affordable supplies from loyal businesses, which benefit Maidstone clients with high-quality materials and savings on budgets
  • Garden installations, including fencing, paving and walls, come with a 10-year guarantee for any required repairs
  • Regular lawn care and grounds maintenance services include lawn mowing, hedge cutting, pruning, grass seeding, replanting flowers and trees, and fertilising lawns

If you need commercial landscaping services for any small garden project in Maidstone or the surrounding area of Kent, call 0800 313 4212.